Design with attention to detail…

King Events is a physical and conceptual manifestation of Aron’s craft. The primary focus is bringing your incredible love story to life through design, organization, and planning.

I found out about King Events after my baby shower. (Yes, I helped with the look of my own baby shower) I’m sure King Events could have made the event that much more memorable.

– D’Nasha George, Mother

Bundle of Joy

King Events was the greatest decision my wife and I made for our wedding. Everything was perfect and the decorations were remarkable and very creative. All the different segments were done in order. The owner, Aron Gumbs is always on point and has all the preparations done for you so that you don’t have to worry about trying to rush everything on that day.

I also threw a surprise birthday dinner for my wife a couple months later. Because of the outstanding work done at our wedding, I chose King Events once again. There was a private chef, that cook whatever we wanted and we danced the night away. The decorations were wonderful and she loved it.

– Robert and Tonica Morton

Wedding Bells